The Value of Contract HR advisors in the ME

HR advisors is building on the concept of interim management, a service that has not really taken off in the Middle East.  The concept is that you can take an experienced HR person for a set contract period, from a few days or months to fill a resource gap or to get involved in the design and\or implementation of a HR project.  Once the work\project is finished they exit the company.  This gives huge flexibility and financial benefits to companies.  It may also help HR get their projects developed  and implemented without having to go through extended financial and\or procurement approvals.

Culturally in the region companies either hire the skills they require or they bring in consultants, both can be very expensive and risky.  HR departments can bring in experts for short periods to take advantage of their expertise while minimising the cost and maximising the return.  They also provide a wide range of expertise from talent acquisition, to C&B to learning and development and everything in between.

The Benefits of Contract HR Advisors

There are a number of benefits:

  1. Cost benefit: you get experienced HR professionals only for the time you require them, reducing your costs, in terms of employing someone full time or engaging a consulting company.
  2. Expertise: you get HR professionals with extensive multinational and consulting experience, including in the region, who can inject knowledge and expertise into the business. They will often be over skilled for your need so they can add value.
  3. Fresh perspective: in terms of both business acumen, strategic thinking and they work with you to design HR solutions that will be ‘fit for purpose’ in terms of business needs
  4. Results focused: they can hit the ground running and can add value from day 1. They are there to get the job done and get out, if you want.
  5. Continuity: they fill the role of a HR person who leaves and you have no one to fill the position.
  6. Coach and mentor: they can advise the senior management team on the challenges they face, using their insight and experience.
  7. Implementation: Implementation is often where most projects fail, the HR advisors have all been in line roles and have been through the challenges of implementation; they can share this knowledge and expertise.
  8. Speed of response: you can get a HR advisor very quickly and for the number of days\weeks as you require and above all they get things done.
  9. Legacy: they will pass on their knowledge and experience to your HR team so they can be more self sufficient in the future.
  10. Nationalisation: it does not have an impact as its temporary appointment usually outside of regular headcount calculations. Also, using such expertise can build the capability and experience of Nationals in HR.

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