Line Managers and their role in career development

Do line managers hold the key to improving the effectiveness of career development initiatives:
Career Development Conference Dubai March 2012

Outlines the crucial role of managers in the career development of their employees. It provides advice on how HR can position career development more effectively and get managers more involved in the process.

Where HR may be getting it wrong in the Middle East

How HR may be getting it wrong in the Middle East: Compensation Insider – UAE based blog: October 2012

Outlines that HR needs to establish its credibility by focusing on the business and financial impact of HR initiatives and practices, but not at the expense of forgetting that we are dealing with people and so have to be aware of the behavioural drivers of performance

How using Actors make role play in training so real

An actor’s view on how they can make Role Play in training and assessment centres more impactful and therefore rememberable.